Unintentionally hitchhiking in Mexico

We were waiting on the side of the road to catch a bus to take us back to San Miguel de Allende after spending the day at one of the nearby hot spring. It was the rainy season in Mexico’s central highlands and, sure enough, as we stood there in the late afternoon, the rain began to fall and our little family huddled together to stay warm.

We saw the bus in the distance, only minutes from us, when a car stopped beside us on the highway. They were a Mexican family – strangers – and they asked if we wanted a ride. We could have easily caught the bus instead, but we accepted, thanked them, and piled in.

As we rode back to town with them, we learned that they were visiting San Miguel from Queretaro. We chatted about our respective thoughts on San Miguel. We told them of our upcoming excursion to Queretaro and asked for their recommendations. All in all, it was a memorable ride and we’re so glad we accepted their offer. We’ll remember their kindness for years to come.

Yes, things can go wrong, and yes, follow your gut, but if you aren’t willing to accept kindness from strangers, then the world becomes a cold and lonely place.

Travel offers us many valuable gifts. We learn to be patient, to see beauty and value in what’s different, to find commonality and connection, and to trust that, on the whole, people are good and kind.


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